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11 Jul 14

Emma's Story

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As a Maternity Nurse I offer guidance and practical support in the care of infants during the first few weeks of life.  I work closely with mothers, particularly helping with feeding, night-time care and sleeping routines.  To me, being a Maternity nurse is the best job in the world.

I work mainly with twins and triplets, but also singleton babies and mothers with post natal illness.  It’s a special role that requires careful listening and complete understanding of families’ individual needs.  Each family is unique and a huge part of my role is supporting them as they experience significant life transitions following the birth of a child or indeed children.

It’s important to be flexible in order to provide the best, most individualised service for families.  Some parents simply need some good practical advice or words of encouragement.  Others come to me needing a good night’s sleep.  

I love helping families.  It’s wonderful to know that I have made a difference to that family, often enhancing parents’ experiences with their babies.

Emma – Maternity Nurse


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