11 Aug 2014

Going Outdoors

Have you ever noticed how, when you are out in an open space like a park, or as part of a walk, one of the first things your small child wants to do, is let go of your hand and tear off........?  The open space is so exciting and being active is vital for your child's growth and development. However, we as parents almost immediately start to worry.  What if they run out of sight? What if they trip and fall? What if they bump into somebody / something? What if.....?

Published in Let the Children Play

Climbing, climbing climbing. What toddler doesn’t love climbing? And what parent or carer doesn’t grow even just a few grey hairs during this mountaineering stage?! As stressful as it is though, this obsession with getting on and off, in and out, under, over and through is so important. By taking a risk and ‘having a go’ at manoeuvring their bodies within their environment children can test out what works – and what doesn’t! - through trial and error.

Published in Little Illuminations

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