UK Baby Names s

Boys Names


  1.    Oliver
  2.    Jack
  3.    Harry
  4.    Jacob
  5.    Charlie
  1.    Thomas
  2.    Oscar
  3.    William
  4.    James
  5.    George

Girls names

  1.    Amelia
  2.    Olivia
  3.    Emily
  4.    Ava
  5.    Isla
  1.    Jessica
  2.    Poppy
  3.    Isabella
  4.    Sophie
  5.    Mia

 The most common boy's and girl's names of 2013 within the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics.




Baby-Names-2015 sBaby Names 2015: Over 8,000 of this year's favourite names

By Ella Joynes and Mark Woods

This is the 'go-to' option for those who like to browse through lists of names. This book offers selections including origin and meaning, along with top ten lists of best and weirest names, and practical tips on choosing a name.


baby names made easy sBaby Names Made Easy: The Complete Reverse-Dictionary of Baby Names

By Amanda E Barden

Rather than look through one long alphabetical list of names, this book offers selections in categories and meanings. It's a unique and interesting take on choosing a name, allowing you to search for that truly meaningful name that's just right.



Apps websites


Baby Names by Bounty

bounty baby names app sThis app includes list of the most popular names by region in the UK. There is also an advanced search function that allows you to search by origin, number of syllables and initial letter.  There is also a fun 'shake it' that generates a random name. It also has a shortlist that you can add your favourites to.





Butterfly Baby Name (

Butterfly baby names websiteThis website has a simple and clean interface that allows you to create your own and browse other shortlists. This is a great option for those not wanting to trawl through lists and lists of names. For those wanting feedback, there is also the option of sharing your shortlist with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.



Baby Names by Schatzisoft

Baby Names app sThis easy to use app allows you to filter your search results by popularity, origin, meaning, and other factors that are important to you. It also has a wishlist function that means you can save preferred names to revisit later.



Bounty (

Bounty Baby names-WebsiteThis website comes with all the bells and whistles (and the adverts) of a typical name search. You can search by gender, popularity, by region, unisex options, etc. It also features a list of unusual names for boys and girls.


 choosing a name


Choosing a name for your baby is one those precious moments you savour as a parent. It might be a name you hear one day and know instantly that it’s the right one. For others it may become complicated by the process of trying to please parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.

And then there are choosing name that are unique – but not too off the wall, or something common – but not too common. A name could be inspired by the family tree, a historical figure, a celebrity or even a fictional character (look to the latest names coming out of Game of Thrones!).

The point is that you need to love it – you and your baby will have to live with it after all! Choosing a name should be fun, so whether you curl up with a name book and pencil, or use the internet to see the latest suggestions and trends, remember there’s no right or wrong way to making your baby-naming decision – just your way.

Have fun!

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