This is Nurture's Training, Research and Education Programme is an extension of our provision for families and professionals. We believe that developing deeper knowledge and understanding of child development through observational studies and active research is central to improving outcomes for children. We work with parents and professionals, involving and collaborating with them as co-researchers. Our aim is for this work to be presented at national and international early years research conferences and symposiums.

Established in 2018, our Training, Research and Education Programme includes partnerships with further and higher education organisations, as well as professional services and charitable organisations such as BTPP. We offer parents, practitioners and professionals a comprehensive range of development opportunities, including workshops, conferences, seminars and bespoke training.

We are developing a network of academic partners, creating a variety of programmes and research projects for those working with children & families.
We are working closely with charitable organisations to promote services and develop new initiatives for children & their families.
We are developing partnerships with a variety of international and local partners as part of our Training, Research & Education programmes.
Our Current Research & Projects

Action Research Projects

A Project Approach

We have a project-focused approach, where action research projects are developed through a phased process:

  • two days initial training where practitioners learn more about the skill of observation and reflect
  • a third day is then dedicated to the development of action plans to put into practice

Our three day programmes are designed to encourage reflective practice based on authentic observation of infants and children. These programmes are enabling practitioners to continue the process of observation and reflection beyond the duration of the project, creating highly reflective settings who can share their practice with others.

Priority Projects for Future Funding

We are constantly reviewing the ways in which we can maintain and improve the services we offer children, families and professionals. As budgets are squeezed across the early years sector, we are seeking new ways in which to secure funding. We are currently seeking funding for the following projects:

Carry out research to provide evidence to further develop and maintain our services

We want to carry out research to demonstrate the impact of our services to help us to justify their costs and secure the funding we so desperately need to keep them going. This includes support for families through unique workshops aimed at developing knowledge and understanding of child development, as well as skills in respectful caregiving.

Research providing evidence of the impact of our work would also enable us to share our knowledge and practice with the aim of improving services for children and their families across the country.