Making Change Happen

Our Mission

To build strong relationships that inspire, challenge and bring about true change.

About Us

Nurture is a learning innovation hub with a bold vision for children, educators, parents and employers to come together in their communities to lead impactful and authentic learning.

We are a multi-disciplinary team supporting children, schools, educators and employers in their communities. Nurture was founded in 2015 with the understanding that, while we all have a role to play, it is the children, educators, parents and employers who should lead the change in education, because they are closest to the impact of learning in the 21st and 22nd century.

Nurture's role is to enable educators with vision, passion and courage to transform their schools and communities. We believe in the power of people to make change happen, always beginning at the grassroots.

What We Do

  • We build community because we're better together.
  • We create collective knowledge and expertise sharing strategies, toolkits, and hard-earner advice.
  • We champion agency by believing in the power of people to create change in their own lives.

What We Stand For

Nurture believes that the purpose of education transcends preparation for school or a career. Within the complexities of education theory, practice, policy, and politics, we are creating a radical model of co-education; engaging educators, children, parents and practitioners with innovative projects designed to improve outcomes for children and their communities.

Our History
  • 2014 Outdoor / Nature Nursery School Tour, New England
  • 2014 Forest School Tour, UK
  • 2014 Nurture Search careers in Education & Childcare opens
  • 2015 Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten for children & their families opens
  • 2015 Toddler Wild Play opens at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten
  • 2016 First cohort of RIE Foundations training in the UK for NOK staff
  • 2016 Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten becomes a Progressive Education Network member
  • 2016 Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten becomes a Pikler UK Association member
  • 2016 Progressive Education Tour of USA nursery schools & elementary schools, Los Angeles
  • 2017 First cohort of M7 PGDip for NOK staff
  • 2017 Professional Development Visits opens at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten
  • 2018 The first Nature Nurtures Conference takes place at the Hive, Worcester
  • 2018 Nature Nurtures Training, Research & Education opens
  • 2019 Flexi School Programme launches at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten
  • 2019 NurtureMyWay launches
  • 2019 Partnership with the Personalised Education Network
  • 2019 Progressive Education Tour of Finland nursery schools and elementary schools