Free We Grow is an alternative education space for primary aged children in South East London (UK) .

Anna Ephgrave's 'In the Moment' planning is leading the way at this new Outdoor Kindergarten.

A new learning community taking a fresh look at personalised learning for secondary-level students.

It has been noticed that children who get to live the bulk of their days outdoors; when the full hours of daylight are physically experienced bodily - become children whose day/night body clocks are synced and naturalised. These children seem more able to sink into their sleep hours more readily.

Childhood has a purpose - and one of those is recognising that it is a time where developing minds need space and time to thrive, unhurriedly, protected and safeguarded by adults.

To stand up for children in the face of adult linguistic eloquence and manipulation, when you run the risk of offending another adult is not tactless confrontation but a recognition of powerful truth and justice!