Nurture make it possible for innovative educators and communities to transform the current school-centred education system into one that's truly centred around the child. It is a future where children thrive, surrounded by engaged and dedicated educators, parents, and communities.

No more 'teaching to the test' and 'teaching to the middle.' This is personalised learning that puts children at its heart, creating community partnerships that enrich learning for everyone. We are your innovation partners, supporting bold and visionary educators with the passion and courage to make change happen.

Dive deep into some of our initiatives and learn how the innovations and research projects we are working on can help you turn your ideas into reality.

We are innovation partners to a number of academic researchers, creating a variety of programmes and research into learning communities and personalised learning.
We are working closely with charitable organisations to promote services and develop new initiatives for children, parents, educators and employers.
With are an innovation partner to a wide range of ambitious organisations, educators and communities.
Our Current Research & Projects

Helping Communities Re-imagine Education

Bringing inspiration, bold ideas, and evidence-based designs to communities and educators who are building the future of education

Our current innovations and projects:

  • NurtureMyWay: Personalised learning research hub, including the Flexi-School Toolkit for schools, parents and communities
  • Nature Nurtures:¬† A place-based, child-led Early Years (2-7 years) model, including outdoor nursery/forest school and micro-school start up toolkit.
  • Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten: Outdoor Kindergarten in programme, including personalised learning in practice.
  • Nurture Search: A network of innovative schools and learning communities connecting with like-minded educators.

Priority Projects for Future Funding

We are constantly reviewing the ways in which we can maintain and improve the services we offer children, educators and their communities. We are innovation partners to a wide range of ambitious organisations. We are currently seeking funding for the following projects:

  • Community Builder - a resource to connect educators and community partners.
  • Micro-School Revolution - What's does the evidence say? - an evidence-base for micro-schools

Through our projects and research we identify, create and scale evidence-based innovations, mainly focused on:

  • Innovative models of personalised education
  • Community driven innovations in education
  • Early Years - for children and their families

Please contact us if you have an interest in funding or becoming an innovation partner for these projects