Childhood Bereavement

Top Tips on supporting children who are grieving - This is the second of two posts focusing on children's experiences of grief.  Here Carol Lee provides an overview of how you can support a child who is grieving. From ensuring an honest approach to providing opportunities for tactile play, we have some top tips here for parents and nannies.

Tom's Manny Story

Working with children is incredibly rewarding. They are constantly inspiring me, surprising me and challenging me. There really isn’t anything else like it.


Talking to children about death is never easy. Often, we don't think about doing it until a close relative dies. Some families try to protect children by 'softening' the reality of death, an approach which experts agree can do more harm than good. Here, Carol Lee draws on her own experiences following the death of her children's father, Andy.


There’s a great sense of joy and fulfilment that comes out of caring for children.  I take a great deal of pride in my work with children, providing nurturing care, fun and learning.  One of the best things about being a nanny is the one-to-one support you are offering a family.  You have a special place in each family, slotting in seamlessly and developing a good relationship with children and parents alike.

Emma's Maternity Nurse Story

As a Maternity Nurse I offer guidance and practical support in the care of infants during the first few weeks of life.  I work closely with mothers, particularly helping with feeding, night-time care and sleeping routines.  To me, being a Maternity nurse is the best job in the world.