Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten was founded in January 2015 on the idea that a progressive education model can be combined with embracing the outdoor environment to create a vibrant, innovative Early Years setting where children's inherent desire to learn about themselves and their world is nurtured. Together with other early years experts we have been working hard to develop a new approach in early years education. Our Nature Nurtures approach is influenced by Magda Gerber's respectful approach, the philosophies of Scandinavian and German Kindergartens. Nature Nurtures promotes the importance of outdoor experiences for young children, because through nature we are able to engage their senses, inspire curiosity, awe and wonder, and fuel creativity and imagination - essential ingredients for exploration, learning and development.

Based at Top Barn Farm, Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten is the first of its kind in Worcestershire and offers places for children aged 2 to 5 years old. The kindergarten is set to open in January 2015.

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