Free We Grow is an alternative education space for primary aged children in South East London (UK) .

The educational space at Dacres Wood arose from the desire of the creators of Free We Grow to offer children the possibility to freely explore their own ways of learning to learn, and to grow in a democratic environment connected to nature and the world around us.

In this environment, children’s time for free-play, exploration, imagination, and the pursuit of their individual or group interests is respected. We foster a culture where adults and children learn from each other, and create space for dialogue through meetings and open communication. Our approach is based on the values of integrity, authenticity and respect for one another as human beings, and as a community we will strive to model these values.

We are a children's self-directed, democratic learning community and are based in Dacres Wood Nature Reserve in Forest Hill. We operate 3 days a week (Wednesdays through Fridays) from 9am to 3pm.

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