Anna Ephgrave's 'In the Moment' planning is leading the way at this new Outdoor Kindergarten.

KIN Nature Kindergarten is the first outdoor nursery in Monmouthshire, South Wales. Led by Sal, an experienced primary school teacher, children spend their days outside surrounded by the beauty of rural Monmouthshire. Join us as we watch this new outdoor kindergarten set out on their startup journey.

About KIN Nature Kindergarten:

We believe in giving children the unhurried childhood they deserve and are passionate about protecting what we refer to as ‘the nature of childhood’ - exploring, wondering and discovering.

We believe that it is vital for young children to have the space and time to connect with the people and world around them in order for them to make sense of it and ultimately want to protect it.

We offer an enchanting setting rich in natural, open ended resources chosen carefully to stimulate your child's curiosity and imagination. The child's voice lies at the heart of our practice. We value the questions and theories presented by the children and use these as our inspiration for learning. Our approach is to facilitate learning 'in the moment' to make it as real and meaningful for your child as possible.

Kindergarten sessions are for children aged 3 up to starting school age.

Sessions are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.45am - 2.25pm term time only.

We follow Monmouthshire term dates.

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