A new learning community taking a fresh look at personalised learning for secondary-level students.

Village High School (VHS) is a new high school located in Ryanston, South Gippsland, Australia. It provides secondary-level students with an exciting, alternative educational option that embraces a co-creative approach to teaching and supports students to be independent and manage their own learning. Join us as we watch this learning community continue to grow.

About Village High School:

As the Village primary schools at Koonwarra and Phillip Island evolved it became clear that there was a distinct need for a Village High School. A place where students can continue to build on the self-management and decision-making skills they have developed in primary school. Village School students have high expectations about the educational experience they will receive, and we feel strongly about the importance of providing an ongoing pathway for our primary school students in which these expectations can be met.

At VHS, we focus on creating educational pathways that encourage individuals to develop their ‘spark’ for learning. Our approach to education is founded on the idea that young people, with a growth mindset and practical support, are highly capable of setting and achieving their goals

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