Exploring Water Play

Puddles, spray bottles, paddling pools and rain. These certainly bring back childhood memories for me, particularly wading in very large, muddy puddles! Even now, with the children in the car we search for the best puddles to drive through to create the biggest splash. Quite simply, water is fun!

Project Wild Thing

I wanted to introduce to a movement in the UK aimed at highlighting the gradual disconnection our children are having with nature. In fact this was one of the great driving forces for Helen Reeve and myself setting up Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten (in Worcestershire). Most of us will have seen Richard Louv's book, Last Child in the Woods.

Adventures in Early Childhood

We've put together a handful of great recipes for messy play fun. We say don't be afraid of the mess! As you go through these recipes think about the the different ways in which the children can explore and what they can learn.

Language Development in Children

Laying the foundations for speech - This is the second of two posts focusing on language development in babies and toddlers. Here we provide an overview of how you can actively encourage language development in babies and toddlers.  From baby sounds to structure and meaning, we have some top tips here for parents and nannies.

Messy Play

The words 'messy play' can strike fear into the heart of many a parent! 'Messy Play??!!?. Good grief... think of the...well....mess?' However by providing a few messy play materials at home you can ensure hours of constructive and fun play for your little one, without breaking the bank into the bargain.

Nurture Search have a unique jobs board for you to post an advert for your home-based childcare job. Post an advert for your Steiner Nanny, Montessori Nanny, or RIE Nanny. Nurture Search are helping families across the county of Worcestershire find alternative nannies.

Why Children Need Choices

Most of us would agree that people should have the freedom to make choices about their own lives – from the everyday, immediate ‘what to eat/wear/do?’ to decisions relating to money, career, relationships etc. And we should get to chose, shouldn’t we. After all, each of us is a unique individual with our own likes and dislikes. With a preferred way of doing things. With our own opinions and views and priorities.