This is Nurture’s early years provision offers education and care for children from 9 months to 5 years of age. At Nurture we have two early years settings known as Nurture Babies and Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten.

What Makes Our Early Years Settings Special?

Families & Community

We believe in building community; we strive to create deep and meaningful connections with families. At Nurture, we offer a warm welcome to visitors. The nurturing and openness of our settings extends beyond our walls to include not just our current community of children, families, and staff, but our past families and extended community as well. Current families are encouraged to take their time in the morning at drop off (not always possible, we know), invited to our shared family breakfasts, and all (past and present) are invited to the Gather in the Garden and other events. At Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten, everyone belongs and is appreciated for who they are – something that is a key element of Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten culture. Once you are part of the Nurture community, you are part of the family.

Shared Practice

With a focus on further understanding of child development, we work with our community - from professionals to parents - by involving them in workshops and conferences. Our aim is to share knowledge and practice with those within our community and beyond; always striving to improve outcomes for children.

Reflective Practice & Qualified Staff

Our staff are highly qualified practitioners which we believe enhances the learning environment for children. All practitioners have a minimum Level 3 qualification, and many of our staff have Foundation Degrees, BAs and Masters Degrees in Early Years. We encourage staff to undertake specialist child observation training, such as M7. We offer all staff continuous professional development opportunities through our inhouse Training, Research and Development Programme as well as through external training.