For us, early childhood is the time not for competitiveness but for self discovery and developing curiosity, confidence and a love of learning. Our aim is to ensure that all children feel secure, valued and understood. We recognise the key role parents play in their children's learning and development. We work with families closely, aiming to build strong and meaningful relationships. Our work with families and children has a particular focus on further understanding of early child development, and supporting key emotional and social development.

The Nature Nurtures Approach to Early Years Education is Influenced by:

  • A progressive education model: that prepares children for “active participation in a democratic society, in the context of a child-centered environment, and with an enduring commitment to social justice” Tom Little.
  • The philosophies of Scandinavian and German Kindergartens which respect the importance of outdoor experience for exploration, learning and development.
  • Steiner’s emphasis on creative play, social interaction and the awe and wonder of nature.
  • Respect: we promote respect for the child by viewing them as a competent individual in need of secure relationships, consistency, challenge and risk, autonomy, time to play without interruption and freedom to explore their world.

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